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The Time Is Now

One of the questions I get asked frequently this time of year, “how long until you can come out?”. The answer should be, but hardly ever is, cut and dry. Unfortunately, there are many variables in this process. If you are planning on working with a Utility sponsored program, (like MassSave or EnergyWise), it depends on when they can come out and provide you with an energy audit. Many times, these programs are getting bombed with phone calls and requests for audits, that the wait time to have an advisor out is sometimes 4 to 6 weeks. Depending upon the out-come of the energy audit, you may have to wait for things like loan approval, or there can be roadblocks that prevent you from proceeding with contracting the job, (knob & tube wiring; failing and broken heating equipment; etc). It kind of puts a damper in many homeowners plans of doing some insulation and air sealing work. I always advise for everyone to work with these programs, they can save you a substantial amount of money, and all you have to do is jump through some hoops and wait.

The best thing to do, is have us come out and perform a preliminary assessment, and we can help to give you some perspective on what the audit process will be like and coach you on getting the most out of your energy audit. I worked for the MassSave program as an Energy Auditor, I have a huge program acumen that is available to you. Give me a call or email and I’ll be sure to set up a time to get out to you, and get the process rolling. In many cases, I can come out same day. I want to be your personal energy advisor, lets set up a time to talk further!

Chris Barbaro
c: (774) 644-9660
e: cbarbaroaw@gmail.com


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