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The Solutions Project – A Trend For the Future

Last week, Tim and I were invited to sit in at a symposium on Energy at Bristol Community College. One of the topics that came up was the rising tide of renewable energy sources and their foot print today. We were presented with a new initiative, “The Solutions Project: Massachusetts”. This is a group of forward thinking people who see the current energy generation and creation and are trying to shift to a cleaner, greener solution. The project wants to transition from existing fossil fuel methods to 100% wind, water and solar for all purposes, (electricity, transportation, heating/cooling, industrial).

They present a 2050 projected Energy Mix of:

3.9% Residential Rooftop PV
22.5% Solar PV Plants
0% CSP Plants (Coal)
13% Onshore Wind
55% Offshore Wind
3.3% Commercial Rooftop PV
1% Wave Devices
0% Geothermal
1.2% Hydroelectric
0.1% Tidal Turbines

What this shows is that using Wind, Water, and Solar electricity for everything, instead of burning fuel, and improving energy efficiency means you need much less energy.

Not only does this model help to reduce the burden on our geological assets, but it will bolster the economy. It is estimated that an energy model like this would allow for 61,400 40-Year Construction Jobs and 42,800 40-Year Operation Jobs, (40-Year Job is where a person is employed for 40 consecutive years).

Other benefits presented are better air & water quality which in turn accounts for avoided heath costs per year. Based on their findings, the plan pays for itself in as little as 11 years from air pollution and climate cost savings alone. They estimate the annual avoided heath costs could be in the neighborhood of $8.5 Billion… BILLION! The average annual energy, health and climate cost savings per person in 2050 is $4,400. Not to mention the savings to Massachusetts residents in their Energy costs. Based on the current mix, in 2050 we will see an average of 14.9 cents per Kilowatt Hour. With a Wind, Water, and Solar model we can see an average of 7.4 cents per Kilowatt Hour. The average annual energy cost savings per person in 2050 would be in the neighborhood of $2,100.

Alternative Weatherization is always trying to stay at the forefront of energy conservation and efficiency, and its in this vein that we are building partnerships with like minded entities who work in the Green Energy field, we want to see the evolution towards a self sustaining energy platform, and reduce the impact our energy generation and usage has on our planet. This is just one example of what our future could hold, we encourage and support any Green Initiative that can help to move us forward!

If you want to get involved, please visit thesolutionsproject.org, and if you already are involved and want to talk about partnerships, please email us: alternativeweatherization@gmail.com


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