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The ACI New England Energy Efficiency Conference, Springfield MA

It was great to see everyone from the Energy Efficiency community, catching up and swapping war stories. We made some great connections and laid the ground work on relationships that are sure to help elevate everyone at Alternative Weatherization and our customers alike. There were so many great seminars and knowledgeable people, it really great to see the companies and programs come together to move energy efficiency forward. We spent a lot of time with vendors, exploring new tools and techniques that are sure to make an impact and help to move energy efficiency into the future.

Always Prepared!

Always Prepared!

The Home Performance Coalition brought together a great group of speakers, and all of us at Alternative Weatherization would like to thank the sponsors: Mass Save; Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI); National Grid; Northeast Utilities; EnergySavvy; Columbia Gas of Massachusetts; Next Step Living; RISE Engineering; Home Energy Magazine; Environmental Business Council of New England; Homebuilders & Remodelers Association of Western Massachusetts; NECEC; NESEA

At Alternative Weatherization, we pride ourselves on staying up to date on the pulse of the Home Performance World. Professional and educated are the pillars to our weatherization and home improvement background, we stay at the forefront of training our employees. Events like these help us to really get what works and get it implemented to our team!

Our Company President putting the Accu1 9300 through the ringer! Our Company President putting the Accu1 9300 through the ringer!

The theme of the conference was all about bringing everything together. The programs, (MassSave, EnergyWise, WAP), are trying to navigate the pulse in 2014. Solar is coming on strong, and its repercussions are being felt all over, along with the weatherization side of things, we can help to bring it all together. The time is never been better to explore your options and find out what’s coming down the road! Give us a call and set up a time for me to sit down and analyze your bills and find out how we can make your home as efficient at possible!


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