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Massachusetts Residents: Early Boiler & Early Furnace Rebate Forms Must Be In By The End of The Month

It’s crunch time, if you have a boiler that is 30 years old or a furnace that is 12 years old, (or older), you could be eligible for some substantial rebates from The Mass Save program, (anywhere from $1,900 to $4,000 depending on equipment and fuel). These special promotional rebates are coming to an end, if you were on the fence about replacing your heating system and it meets these parameters, you need to contact me ASAP.

The Early Boiler / Early Furnace Rebate program is in its third installment, its been a staple of the Mass Save program during the down months, (May through September). It will more than likely return, but I cannot guarantee the rebate amounts will be the same. One good thing is that in the years since the program has rolled out, the rebates and scope has expanded, (can’t guarantee that will be continuing, but it does look like the trend).

Mass Save offers rebates year round for replacing energy efficient heating and hot water systems and financing is available through the HEAT loan program. Contact us ASAP so that we can help advise you on the program and requirements!

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