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Let’s Talk About Our Future!

So most of us in the Northeast are just getting our new Electrical Bill for last month. I’m sure many National Grid customers are noticing the 37% increase in their bill. This raise in cost of electricity is widespread throughout the country, as older, antiquated generation sites are going off line, the existing plants must work around the clock to make up the deficit. As you can imagine, this added strain on the remaining plants is the root of price increase, but it goes much deeper! Electricity is being sold and traded as a commodity, (similar to oil futures), so becoming less of a burden on the grid and maximizing all generation / collection has become priority one. Hydro, Wind, & Solar are the best options to help bolster the existing demand, and it has some great repercussions, in both the environment and the economy.

If the electricity grid were just 5% more efficient, the greenhouse gas reduction would be equivalent to removing 53 MILLION CARS. We need an #energy network that prepares us for the future—one that is flexible, responsive and resilient. #SmartGrid

LEARN MORE: http://poweroverenergy.org/transmission/

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