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Cape Cod Residents! We are a contractor for Cape Light Compact and we can help you realize savings through the great incentives CLC offers. Contact me, Lori Ann, at Alternative Weatherization to schedule your free energy audit and let me tell you all about how we can save you money..

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The Cold Weather has arrived!!! Let our professionals at Alternative Weatherization come to your home and explain to you how you and your family can benefit from Mass Save’s amazing incentives and how we can decrease your gas and energy bill. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE is our goal for you


Our Schedule is booking up super fast…. Call me, Loriann, to take advantage of Mass Save’s amazing incentives.. Let our team come to your home, make it warmer, more comfortable for this cold winter season.


Welcome Loriann!!

Alternative Weatherization is pleased to announce the addition of Loriann Nogueira to our energy saving team!! Loriann will be responsible for marketing and client relationship! Please feel free to contact her at (508) 567-4240 or email her directly at  Ask her how she can save you THOUSANDS off the cost of insulating your home!!


75% OFF or up to $2000.00 instant rebate for Weatherizations through MASS SAVE

If you believe your home is in need of weatherization improvements and are interested in choosing a specific Mass Save Independent Installation Contractor, you can contact us directly to discuss your weatherization needs and discuss how to proceed. We will schedule a Home Energy Assessment prior to installation. After your Home Energy Assessment, you can work with us to complete the installation… of eligible weatherization improvements. MASS SAVE is currently offering an incentive of 75% up to $2000 for the installation of approved insulation upgrades. Call 508-567-4240 or email us @ to schedule an assessment.

Keeping your cool in the Summer

Now that summer is finally here, I thought I’d share some super helpful tips on keeping your energy bill down in these warm weather months.

1. Start AT THE TOP…

A well insulated attic will keep hot air out and cool air in. Your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard, saving you money all summer long.

2. Who let the COOL OUT?

50% of leaks come from drafty windows. Do you feel hot air seeping in? It may be time to have your windows weather stripped or replaced.

3. The futures so bright I have to wear SHADES…

Window treatments can definitely help, especially if replacing windows are not an option for you at this time. Keep shades and window treatments covering sunlight during daylight hours to reduce the heat it lets in. Did you know light colored curtains will help reflect the sunlight better?


Run your dishwasher, washer and dryer later in the day when it’s cooler. Try to use your oven less. The added heat will make you air conditioner work harder.




Weatherization:The Basics

Weatherization is commonly thought of as just a fancy word for insulation. Many people think that just insulating your home is enough to protect it from the elements. However, Weatherization is so much more than that.

Basically, Weatherization is weatherproofing. Regardless of the season, Weatherization will keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Whether it is zero degrees in the middle of February or 95 degrees in the beginning of August, your home heating and cooling bills will be reduced and your family will be happy.

Another feature of Weatherization is that not only does it reduce heating and cooling, it also protects against rain, wind and insects. A properly sealed home will not allow water, outside temperatures and unwanted guests in. Also, the cellulose used to insulate contains insect and rodent deterrents.

Saving money on home energy bills is crucial to all of us. A study provided by the United States Department of Energy established that there is a 32% deduction on heating and cooling costs after a home is professionally weatherized. Weatherization doesn’t require the replacement of existing furnaces or heaters, so homeowners can save money by not having to replace these expensive appliances.

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