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Blower Door Testing & Air Changes Per Hour

If you are building a new home or any new construction project, you may be asked to provide a certificate with blower door testing and air changes per hour BEFORE the city or town will give you the occupancy permit. This may be more difficult than you think, in many instances, the building departments of your cities and towns, although requiring these tests, have no resources for you to get them.

That’s where Alternative Weatherization can help. We are BPI Certified and are qualified to give you a certificate of Blower Door Testing and Air Changes Per Hour. If you find yourself or someone you know in need of this, please contact us, we can usually accommodate same day requests.

These tests are something we do on a regular basis in renovating and insulating peoples homes, but many inspectors are now enforcing these measures for new construction. Although this may seam more of a nuisance, it really is a good thing to do. Building codes have changed, and the way builders assemble homes is more energy conscious than ever before. Because of this, the home is air sealed and insulated by the builder. Most home builders are qualified to install these measures, but not really concerned with the consequences and repercussions. Let Alternative Weatherization help you, and get your home passed and occupied!Blower Door


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